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As a styling aid

TecTrich is often used as a styling aid rather than a thinning hair solution. The TecTrich hairline optimiser is the ideal tool for doing front hairline applications and detailing. The Hairline optimiser is offered in a value deal with TecTrich Premium Hair Building Fibres and Ultra Lock Fixing Spray.

Large thin areas

In this example you can see how well TecTrich can cover large areas of very thin hair. In cases like this some customers like to use Ultra Lock Fixing Spray which has been specially developed to increase the bond between the very thinnest hairs and TecTrich Premium Hair Building Fibres.

Small thin areas

Even people with very small thin areas use TecTrich Premium Hair Building Fibres to get that perfect hair look. In conjunction we recommend that you use Tectrich Keratin Rich Thickening Shampoo which has been scientifically formulated to help thicken and strengthen your hair.

Light hair Loss

As you can see people with only very light hair loss can benefit from using Keratin rich hair thickening products. The TecTrich Nourishing Tool Kit brings together the perfect Shampoo, Conditioner and leave in Treatment for your hair in one fantastic value tool kit.

Hard to reach areas

Applying Fibres to the back and top of your head is made even easier with our ingenuous 4 panel mirror which allows you to see the places other mirrors can’t. Its patented 4 panel design lets you easily see the side, top or back of your head which saves you from having to use two heavy mirrors.

Safe, natural and instant

We are proud to offer a safe, natural, instant way to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. TecTrich premium hair building fibres will change the way you feel every time you look in the mirror. Click the banner below for 50% off.

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